Monday, 18 October 2010


A quick shout out for Things, Wellcome Collection's new, two-week only, exhibition in London.

The idea is that you bring something no bigger than your head that means something to you, however unusual, and donate it to the exhibition. By the time the exhibit is complete, it will feature dozens of objects of all shapes and sentiment, with a range of stories attached to them.

With Wellcome Collection playing host to three of our shoots, we felt we ought to give something back and couldn't resist donating one of our crafted props -- Kat Akingbade's 'Homeopathic Pill Bottle'.

homeopathic pills 'prop' containing paracetamol

The bottle is 26 December on the Calendar of Things ("A supposed hangover cure?," asked artist Keith Wilson, when I handed it over). You can view it's entry on the Things website or in the exhibition itself, which runs until this Friday (22 October).


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