Monday, 1 November 2010

The response

As Louise mentioned in the previous post, we've been taken aback at the amazing response to the calendar.

We don't want to gush, but... ok, we will gush:

You can see a full list of press coverage on our new media page.

What's really been making us grin though is people's reactions to the calendar, particularly on Twitter. The pics were especially lovely: here's one already on a wall! But it's been great to know that the calendars have safely arrived and to eavesdrop on the nice things people are saying about our little project. Here's just the smallest of samples:

So, a huge thank you to everyone for their kind words and especially those who've already ordered a calendar. If you haven't yet, do it now.

Incredibly, we've already sold out our first print run. Don't worry, a second print run is on the way. But they won't be reprinted forever, so get in there quick to secure yours (and tell your friends!).


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