Friday, 28 January 2011

Geek Calendar sells out

Sold Out

We've been fairly quiet since Christmas, as the project winds down. Christmas sales were spectacular and we've been keeping a watchful eye on the final sales since.

It is with great delight that we can now, officially, announce that Geek Calendar has SOLD OUT. The last of our copies shipped this week, so there are 2000 of you out there -- everywhere from Australia to South Korea -- currently enjoying a January of Adam Rutherford and his handsome bunny friend.

More importantly, we've raised an incredible £15,433.84 for the Libel Reform Campaign. Moreover, the spectacular media coverage (we're still hearing echoes of the project every now and again) and your word-of-mouth has raised awareness of the issues even further.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's helped make this possible. Thanks to all our geeks for taking part in this crazy idea. Thanks to our fabulous photographers, Ben Gilbert and Greg Funnell, and awesome Designer, Cosima Dinkel for making such a beautiful product. Thanks to our amazing videographers, Greg Foot, Barry Gibb and Tom Ziessen. We'd also like to thank Rob Sharp at English PEN for all his help, particularly with distribution, behind-the-scenes. And Mike Harris from Index on Censorship and Sile Lane from Sense about Science for their encouragement and support. And, in the words of Stan Lee, you! We hope the Geek Calendar will bring you all much joy this year and beyond.

It's more than we'd ever hoped for a little project hatched by a bunch of geeks in the back of a pub. The nerds are indeed on the march.

Team Geek Calendar


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